Help, I’ve Crashed My Car! -What To Do Next With Mallow Accident & Repair Centre

If you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to be involved in a car accident, you will know how distressing and traumatic this experience can be. Even the most minor crashes can be devastating for those who experience them, filling you with dread and panic about what could have happened if the crash had been worse.

After getting over the shock and upset of a car accident, it’s important to take some steps to ensure that you are not left stuck financially in the months after the accident. From informing your insurance company to choosing the right garage to repair your vehicle, here the team at Mallow Accident & Repair Centre will explain the best steps to take in the weeks & months after being involved in a car accident.


React Appropriately after the Crash

The moments straight after being involved in a road traffic accident can feel shocking and stressful, with many victims unsure of what to do. The first thing that should always be done in the event of an accident where people may be hurt is to call emergency services. If you are not seriously injured, or do not need medical attention at all, the next point of call is obtain information about the other driver/drivers involved in the accident and collect information about what happened. This includes the make, model and registration of both vehicles, the details of damage to both vehicles, the position of cars after the collision, and more. When it comes to claiming on your insurance policy, your insurer will want a detailed explanation of what happened and will appreciate a detailed description and photographs if possible. Not only does this help streamline the insurance claiming process, but it also aids with legal investigations should one be brought forward after the crash.


Contact Your Insurer

Once your physical needs have been taken care of, and you are feeling okay to do it, it’s time to contact your insurer and inform them of the accident. During this call, your insurer will ask you the following: your policy number, the registration of both cars, the name and details of the other driver/drivers, the other drivers’ insurance details, and photos you’ve taken of the incident. Contacting your insurer will begin the process of compensation for any medical and/or vehicle damage fees that you may be entitled to.

Find a Garage for Repairs

After contacting your insurance company, the next step to take after experiencing a road traffic accident is to find a suitable garage to repair damage sustained by your vehicle. Many insurance companies work alongside specific garages and can recommend the best place to go for your repair work. Here at Mallow Accident & Repair Centre, we are an AXA-approved garage but also work alongside all of Ireland’s leading insurance providers to offer high-quality and professional Cork crash repairs for all kinds of vehicles. Whether you’re lucky enough to only require some minor scratch damage repairs or unlucky enough to require full bodywork repairs, we can help. By working with all of Ireland’s major insurers, we guarantee an efficient and professional Cork crash repair service that won’t cost you anything.

If you’re unsure of how to go about contacting your insurance company but want to visit us for repairs, we can do this on your behalf, liaising with insurers and customers to provide a seamless and stress-free job every time.


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