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Insurance Information

If you’re lucky, you will only have to claim on your car insurance once or twice throughout your entire life. Because claiming on your insurance is often such a rare occurrence, it can be difficult to know where to start when filing a car insurance claim. If you’ve been in a road traffic accident or have had your car damaged while on the road or by another vehicle, you are entitled to claim on your car insurance, or the car insurance of the other party involved. Here at Mallow Accident Repair Centre Ltd, we’re an AXA-approved garage, but also accept customers whose insurance is held with any other Irish insurance companies. While your insurance company may recommend an approved garage for you to attend, you are under no obligation to have repairs carried out here, and are free to attend your local garage or crash repair centre while still claiming.

No matter what insurance company you use, we can fulfil crash repairs on the claim that you are given, with different types of insurance accepted.

Important Insurance Information to be Aware Of

  • Car Insurance is a Legal Obligation in Ireland
  • Many Insurance Companies partner with garages to encourage sales- You do not have to have repairs completed in these garages
  • To be approved by Insurance Companies, your repairs may have to be completed to manufacturers’ specifications- Mallow Accident Repair Centre Ltd provides this service
  • Mallow Accident Repair Centre Ltd can help with any information you need on insurance
  • As an AXA-Approved garage, Mallow Accident Repair Centre Ltd is recommended by AXA Insurance for high-quality crash and auto repairs.

Working With All Levels of Insurance From Major Irish Insurance Companies

Insurance Information FAQ

  • How do I claim on my insurance after an accident?

    To make a claim on your insurance, contact your insurance company. You will be asked to fill out a form detailing the accident and damage, before being given information on the amount that you can claim.

  • Can I go to any garage to get repairs after a car accident?

    Yes, absolutely. You can go to any garage or repairs centre of your choice after an accident. While insurance companies may recommend specific garages, they must fulfil your claim no matter where you get repairs done, once the repairs are up to standard.

  • Should I use my insurance on minor car repairs?

    This all depends on whether or not it’s more cost-effective to claim on your insurance or to pay for the repairs yourself. If you have questions about what the best thing is to do, contact Mallow Accident & Repair Centre Ltd for expert advice and recommendations.