Mallow Accident Repair Centre Ltd

Mallow Accident Repair Centre Ltd uses professional techniques & modern materials to restore the paintwork of your vehicle back to looking as good as new.

Paintwork Repairs

If your vehicle has been scratched, or the paintwork has been damaged, it’s important to have it repaired by a professional to avoid inflicting any further damage.
Mallow Accident Repair Centre Ltd has decades of experience in repairing the paintwork of domestic and commercial vehicles, offering exact colour-matching and high-quality, manufacturers’ grade Nexa Autocolour paint to have your car looking good as new again in no time. Our services are suitable for paint damage of all levels, repairing even the most damaged car exteriors. By using sophisticated colour-matching technology and professional techniques, we ensure a high quality of work with every service, offering a three-year guarantee on all car paintwork repairs that we undertake.


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Specialised Paintwork Repairs for All Vehicles

Here at Mallow Accident Repair Centre Ltd, we have a reputation for keeping up to date with the most innovative and highly technological paintwork repairs for vehicles that are scratched, damaged, or chipped. We use colour-matching cameras to match your vehicle’s paintwork exactly, ensuring no messy streaks or colour gradients. As well as this, we use professional, water-based Nexa Autocolour Paint in all of our paintwork repairs to ensure a great job every time. All of our paintwork repair services come with a 3-year guarantee.

Paintwork Repairs FAQ

  • How can I repair scratched paintwork on my car?

    If the paintwork on your car is scratched, it’s best to have a professional repair this. Mallow Accident & Repair Centre offers professional vehicle paintwork repair services for even the most severe paint damage.

  • What colours can you repair the paintwork for?

    At Mallow Accident & Repair Centre uses modern colour-matching cameras to match the paintwork of your vehicle exactly. We can paint your car in any colour that you desire.

  • How much does it cost to get car paintwork repair services from you?

    The price of our car paintwork repair services vary depending on the colour you need and the extent of damage on your car. Get in touch for a free quote on our paintwork repair services. We also work with all Irish insurance companies to fulfil claims for customers.